About Momdeering

All I wanted was to give Jayco an unforgettable childhood. The best he can ever have. That will be with him as he grows up.

I became a single mom a few months after my son turned 1. As heartbroken as I can be, I have no time for weeping since I have I a little one depending on me. But deep in my heart I have worries and questions I face every single day. How am I going to do this? What kind of future I can provide him with? How can I make him feel whole, happy, and complete despite the fact that I am the only one he has?

This is what my blog site’s going to be all about. The wonders of motherhood; the highs and lows and everything else in between. My wanders with Jayco; the tradition we started. Building lasting memories with and for him.

**credit to my dear friend Meg (@nocturnalmomtalks) for suggesting the site’s name.



2 thoughts on “About Momdeering”

  1. Congrats, bebe! I am so happy for you! We may not talk and see each other often but know that I am always here for you and I admire your courage. Single moms have a special place in my heart. You are blessed to have Reen and I hope he is the right one. Baka ikaw na ang next sa kasalan :p Loveyou!

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