First Out of the Many

April 2015. He’s turning two. Here I am wondering what gift I can give him for this year. How we are going to celebrate it. Parties for me are not too practical because (1) he doesn’t have friends of his own yet. (2) There will just be limited guest we can invite over anyway. Since I consider myself a mixed of traditional and modern mom, giving him toys or clothes year after year is not the direction I want to go.

In the middle of the day, doing my usual routine, I came across an article about how family vacations give a lasting impact to kids. It says there, “The many positive experiences associated with family holidays help us to construct a sense of a happy family life that we look back on nostalgically through life” and that memories built through vacations are what they consider to be a ‘happiness anchor’. From that statement alone I instantly knew what I wanted to give him for his birthday. With just a week from his birthday, I searched all the possible places we can go to considering the availability of the place and the budget it will cost. (Luckily, it was also the same week when we‘re getting our annual bonus at work so I have a little extra to spare!) I found a nice resort in Batangas that’s in my price range and available on my target date. I immediately booked a room for an overnight stay and boy I can’t explain the excitement I felt when I printed out the booking confirmation!

And long behold it is the day of our trip. We left our house in Cavite at around 6AM and rode a bus bound to Nasugbu, Batangas in Pasay. We dropped off in Nasugbu town proper and had another trike ride going to Canyon Cove Resort (Review is provided at the end.) All in all, the trip took us roughly 3-4hrs before we reached the hotel.

Jayco just woke up by the time we arrived at the resort’s reception area. So he wasn’t that thrilled yet. But when we started walking around the property and he saw the pool side, the kids playing and swimming, his curiosity sparked. He now can’t wait to join them and make splash at the swimming pool. We went to our room just to leave our stuff and change into our swimwear. As we come closer to the pool he somewhat felt a bit uncomfortable. Probably because everything is quite new for him and he was surrounded by a lot of strangers too. I convinced him to take a dip in the pool by showing him that it is fun swimming and when he finally gave in; he was inseparable to the water.

mom jayco

After lunch, we headed to the beach. It was his first time to see open water. He was ticklish and excited and hesitant all at the same time when he tried walking in the sand. The sea is the least of his favorite. Maybe because of how salty the water tastes or how he hurts a little when the water gets into his eyes.

Jayco Sand

A little before sunset, we went back to the kiddie pool so he can freely swim and wade. The sun started setting and we had the perfect view from the pool. I was looking at him watching the sun set and my heart was full. It was an afternoon of splashes and laughter, hugs and kisses. He was so happy. And so am I!

Jayco Sunset
Watching the sunset

When our short but sweet trip ended I knew deep in my heart that I made the right choice; to give him this as his birthday gift. Because it’s not the things of the world that is the greatest I can offer but the best childhood memories.

About Canyon Cove


  • The facilities are nice.
  • They have pools for all ages and big enough even for busy days
  • The beach is well maintained.


  • Price is not really that affordable. Can be considered mid to high end.
  • Service at the restaurant is slow. We almost skipped breakfast because they keep forgetting our order and had to make several follow up.

Canyon Cove


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