“No galit. Love only.”

It was an eventful afternoon for me. A lot of things in mind and to do. And while I’m in the middle of my busyness, I heard a crash in the kitchen. I found a shattered glass on the floor and my then 2yr old son with tears nearing to fall. Without a second to pause and breathe, I scolded him right there and then. Maybe it was the tiring day or stress altogether that stopped me from composing myself. And there comes his crying. It was a plea of fear. Fear of what had happened and to me and my anger. I looked at him and ask, “What happened?” and his next few words left me speechless – “Mommy! No, no galit. Love only.”


Was I too hard on him? Did I over- react? I stood there watching him cry and realize, I did. And then I saw a bigger picture of how I, or maybe we, normally react to life in general. Oftentimes, we get so caught up on all the things we do, the problems we face or even by our own insecurities lying underneath us that we lose sense of sensitivity. We simply get mad and irritated. It gets so easy for us to point out the mistakes of others, their flaws, without even checking ourselves in the mirror. We speak out harsh words so quickly and fail to listen first. My son’s words, right there, helped me remember to be more sensitive of what is going on around me. With other people’s feeling. To learn how to “lead with my ears, follow up with my tongue and let anger wander along in the rear” (James 1:19).


There is already so much hatred going on. In the world where you can be anything, choose to be kind. There can never be too many gentle, compassionate people.


mother teresa


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