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Career woman by night and a full time mom to my loving son in the morning. A certified raketera in between. Writing what’s close and dear to my heart.

“No galit. Love only.”

It was an eventful afternoon for me. A lot of things in mind and to do. And while I’m in the middle of my busyness, I heard a crash in the kitchen. I found a shattered glass on the floor and my then 2yr old son with tears nearing to fall. Without a second to pause and breathe, I scolded him right there and then. Maybe it was the tiring day or stress altogether that stopped me from composing myself. And there comes his crying. It was a plea of fear. Fear of what had happened and to me and my anger. I looked at him and ask, “What happened?” and his next few words left me speechless – “Mommy! No, no galit. Love only.” Continue reading “No galit. Love only.”


Take it Easy

There will be weekends where we will think how many more hours we have left before you go back to work. Dragging on day by day and not even knowing if this is where you’re meant to be. Where you want to grow. Or simply wondering where on earth is life heading to.

If you’re one of those people whose week just passed by like you’re in auto pilot, PAUSE. Take a deep breathe and learn to take it easy.
Stop the rush. Appreciate the beauty of what surrounds you. Do not let yourself get ahead of what is meant for you.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

Slow down. Enjoy a cup of coffee while looking back on all the wonderful things you have or even the worse situation you’ve been through. How you survived it. How it made you better and stronger.

Sometimes the best thing you can ever accomplish in a day is not the check on your to do list but that you made it through. Alive and well. Take it easy on yourself. We don’t need to know all things at once. We all have our season.

Patience and a whole lot more.

I became a mom when I was 23. It was something unexpected but definitely not unwanted. While I look forward to finally holding my dear baby in my arms, I also face fears and worries the closer I am to that day. Am I mature enough to brave this journey of motherhood? Will I be able to provide all he needs?

I knew that this new chapter will change my life in a whole new level. But I was not expecting how big of change it’s going to bring to me as a person. I was not financially ready when I got pregnant. I was in the phase of exploring and wondering where I fit career wise. Needless to say, I do not have a stable job. Though I’m already living independently by that time, I am still unsure how I am going to raise my child with this kind of lifestyle. I tried to prepare myself for the next 9 months by teaching myself how to be a better mom. Planning ahead. Setting goals. Learning the how to’s of the early childhood. But as everybody says no one can ever be prepared enough. When the baby came out, all the time I dedicated in preparation flew out of the window. Continue reading Patience and a whole lot more.

First Out of the Many

April 2015. He’s turning two. Here I am wondering what gift I can give him for this year. How we are going to celebrate it. Parties for me are not too practical because (1) he doesn’t have friends of his own yet. (2) There will just be limited guest we can invite over anyway. Since I consider myself a mixed of traditional and modern mom, giving him toys or clothes year after year is not the direction I want to go. Continue reading First Out of the Many

About Momdeering

All I wanted was to give Jayco an unforgettable childhood. The best he can ever have. That will be with him as he grows up.

I became a single mom a few months after my son turned 1. As heartbroken as I can be, I have no time for weeping since I have I a little one depending on me. But deep in my heart I have worries and questions I face every single day. How am I going to do this? What kind of future I can provide him with? How can I make him feel whole, happy, and complete despite the fact that I am the only one he has?

This is what my blog site’s going to be all about. The wonders of motherhood; the highs and lows and everything else in between. My wanders with Jayco; the tradition we started. Building lasting memories with and for him.

**credit to my dear friend Meg (@nocturnalmomtalks) for suggesting the site’s name.